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Ethiopian Orthodox Bible Project Fundraiser – Can You Help Us?


The Ethiopian Orthodox Bible Project represents the only Bible translation committee in the world, to our knowledge, working to translate those books of the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible, which have not yet been translated, into English!

Here is your chance to be part of history. We are now accepting donations through PayPal to fund this important work. We would be most grateful for any assistance you can provide. To donate, just click the PayPal icon at the top of our site.

Please remember we do not have non-profit status, so your donations are not tax deductable. Donations are final, so please be sure you wish to donate before making a donation.  For individuals who donate $100.00 or more, we will list your name on our website under a new “donors” page, unless you wish to be anonymous.

As part of a special promotion, whoever donates the most money to the project before Christmas (amount must be in excess of $100.00 US), by the Ethiopia calendar (January 7th 2015) will receive a free gift. A copy of the partial Bible in Amharic (Modern Ethiopian!)

If you are a Bible scholar, or part of a Church or Bible Study group, please consider posting one of our flyers from our web site at your events. If you have a Bible orientated or religious web site, please consider linking to us. We are still looking for translators, fluent in Ge’ez or Amharic, and English, who can assist us by helping us to translate the remaining books of the EOTC Bible canon, never before translated into English.

We are most grateful for all of your prayers and letters of encouragement.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,

The Ethiopian Orthodox Bible Project