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Progress – We have acquired the book of Josippon!

We have acquired the book of Josippon or Yosëf wäldä Koryonor Josippon, or The Book of Josephas the Son of Ben Gorion (Some Non- Ethiopians refer to this book as Pseudo Josephus) It it also known as Zëna Ayhud. In our last post, we noted that we were working on purchasing it. It has since arrived.

You may click the image above or below, to see the cover, or title page enlarged.

The book covers the history of ancient Israel. The publisher chose an image of Mary holding the infant Christ for the cover, although it is an Old Testament book, from the greater EOTC canon. It is definitely the right book however! The large title on the cover, and the title page at the top, reads “Zëna Ayhud” In Amharic.

We have also obtained the complete Hebrew text of Josippon. The Hebrew text is substantially different, and much longer. By having both texts, we could produce a future critical edition, noting all of the differences between the two, wherever they occur. Having two different texts for comparison could only aid the quality of the translation.

Your support made it possible for us to obtain the book! We would like to thank everyone who donated. We still have more books we need to obtain so that they can be translated into English. If you would like to help us with a donation, it is much appreciated. We are making progress and moving forward. This could take years, however the more support we receive, the faster we can progress. Thank you again.

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Progress – We have acquired The Book of Gitsew!

We are very pleased to announce that the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible Project has acquired the complete text of the book of Gitsew. It is part of the broader New Testament canon, and is one of the four books of Sinodos. The text is in Ge’ez and Amharic. Your donations and support made this possible.

This book is not printed outside of Ethiopia, and proved impossible to obtain in the US. A member of our team,  who wishes to remain anonymous, went to Ethiopia, and was able to purchase it there.

The above images are actual photos of the book. We are making progress, but we have much more to do! If you can possibly help us out with a donation in any amount, please consider it.

We are also in the process of purchasing another book in the broader Ethiopian Orthodox Canon! We will report further once it arrives. Stay tuned!

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