We recommend the following books, many of these titles and other relevant titles are also available for purchase from our store.

The Bible

The King James Bible Including The Old and The New Testaments and The Apocrypha

Most King James Bibles printed today unfortunately exclude the apocrypha which was included in the original however editions including the apocrypha are available for purchase through our store as are the Books of Enoch, Jubilees and Ethiopic Didascalia.

The Book of Enoch Charles Trans. Schodde Trans. Dilman Trans.

The Book of Jubilees Charles Trans. Schodde Trans.

The Books of Meqabyan I – III

The free online translations of Meqabyan I-III are done in an Iyaric style and can be difficult to read however the ones currently published in English are not in the Iyaric style. Although we are very grateful to have translations of Meqabyan I – III in English the print and PDF versions unfortunately do not include the verse numbers or page numbers. We wrote in our own page numbers as a reference point.

The Book of Meqabyan I

The Book of Meqabyan II

The Book of Meqabyan III

The Book of Meqabyan I-III is available for purchase from Lulu in print and pdf form.

The Book of Fourth Baruch or Paralipomena of Jeremiah

4 Baruch is unfortunately not available for purchase as a single volume, it is however included in “The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Vol. 2” Edited by James H. Charlesworth available through our store. The Greek version however is attributed to Jeremiah, the Ethiopian version to Baruch.

Ethiopic Didascalia Platt Trans. (Incomplete text.) Harden Trans.

The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament Vol. I – Vol. II R. H. Charles Trans.

This free translation includes some of the books which form part of the EOTC Bible canon. This title is also available through our store. This edition unfortunately does not include the book of 4 Baruch, unlike the edition edited by James Charlesworth.

About The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Bible Canon

This site below lists the books of the canon and also discusses some background information and other important books to Ethiopian Orthodoxy.

Ethiopian Bible Canon Wikipedia article

Meqabyan Wikipedia article

Bible Canon

This Wikipedia article discusses the history of Bible canons of different churches and includes a chart comparing all of them

The Deuterocanon

This article is from a Coptic Orthodox site, while their canon is not the same as the EOTC canon it does have many of the same books and the article makes a case against the Protestant removal of the books known as the apocrypha or deuteronanon in many churches..

Amharic Bible

Includes only the Protestant canon unfortunately

Ethiopian Bible Society

Ethiopic Grammer by August Dillmann

About the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Faith and Order

Historical Perspective on the Christian Religion in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Wikipedia article

EOTC Patriarchate

EOTC Church History

Frequently Asked Questions about the EOTC

Ethiopian Orthodox Church Directory

Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia

The Ark of the Covenant Evidence Supporting the Ethiopian Traditions by Dr. Bernard Leeman

Excerpts from the Sign and the Seal by Graham Hancock

The Liturgy of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

The Ethiopian Synaxarium

Other Famous Ethiopian Books

The Kebra Nagast

The Story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

The Fetha Nagast or the Law of Kings

Bob Marley joined the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and was baptized.

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